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Third Annual Demon Girl Appreciation Day by TheEnglishGent
Third Annual Demon Girl Appreciation Day

They say great things come in three, right? 

After the bigger reaction given by last year, you honestly thought there wouldn't be another one? Even with my increased work schedule? Bah, I say! Because my love for this will not be diminished unless I'm dead! And even then, that ol' reaper is gonna have to go through a tough tussle to do so~

Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great pleasure that I request your assistance to hold up the banner once more for the cause we've been doing for the past two years now. For that, I wish to announce that once more that May 4th, of this year is...


With this early announcement, I am hoping that you all - the people that made last year possible - will strive to make this year BIGGER and BETTER than before! (:


Prize: Budding Reve by TheEnglishGent
Prize: Budding Reve
Hey guys, Gent here! Just wanted to show that I'm alive doing stuffies, nom. ;w;

After getting a few days off from work (which was killer this week), I've been doodling all sorts of stuff. But never fear, I have been working on keeping my promises because dat's how I roll, yo. 

Any who, have a piece for one of the contest winners. This one is for :iconjcdr:
He asked for Reve to try another tea of mine, so I figured some good old classical BE was in need of. :B

Thanks again, dude! ;w;

Reve © Jcdr
Marie, Empress/Goddess Outfit by TheEnglishGent
Marie, Empress/Goddess Outfit
Hey guys, Gent here! ;w;
Made a little drawing based on an idea that :iconkenj: suggested me -- an Empress/Goddess form of Marie. 

He helped a bit with the design, and I must say, I like it quite a bit. Might make it canon (though will probably make it so that it's a slightly older Marie). Thanks again, dude! ;w;

Marie Sera © TEG
The Nightmare Temptation by TheEnglishGent
The Nightmare Temptation

“Hello there, you little goodie two-shoes.

What, you don’t recognize me? I’m in you. Actually, allow me to go further than that — I am you. While you’re away doing your tea shenanigans and the like, I’m just lurking within you. Of course, I’m able to get free every now and then whenever you’re in bouts of anger. But oh, do I so require more than that.

I’ll be upfront with you, because I rather hate mumbling without a point: I want free. I want you to accept me. Be me. Use any part of me whenever and, if possibly desired, always.

You give me such a confused look, and I understand. You could say I am quite a baddie, if you want to work with that whole good vs evil theme. However, you need a baddie. I’ve seen you many times for who you are: someone who is kind, yet so timid and shy. Think of myself as just making yourself more assertive. Oh, no don’t give me such a look. You and I both know that you’re just like anyone else. You want to feel secure with yourself; you want to be recognized for who you are; and, most importantly, you want something that is both simple yet can be hard to obtain: you don’t want to be forgotten by those that care for you.

Well, I can get you all of that. All of that and so much more. So much more that you deserve. And all you need to do is do one simplistic task that will require barely any energy.

Just take my hand…”


A while back during Halloween, I made this doodle:
Which, in turn, is a bit of a Nightmare/Evil version of:

I've been thinking about bringing back this evil design and making it a part of his character/problem you could say. Like, he has a evil side that tries his best to tempt him so that he can always be the nightmare version of himself. A little bit of Jekyll and Hyde you could say.

Nightmare Gent © TEG

Marie N' CG by TheEnglishGent
Marie N' CG
I haven't been able to draw until a little bit recently due to an increase in work hours. So I decided to draw Marie with CG last night. I've missed drawing these two, especially together. 
They my babies ;;

Marie Sera & CG © TEG


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Yo! Gent here!
I'm just an artist who does art as a hobby! I tend to draw some hyooge ladies, but I also draw other things as well! c:
Hey guys, Gent here once more!
As noted the day before, I did promise to update you all on the winners of the contest on either Friday or Saturday. Since it is Saturday now, I reckon it's a good time to announce the winners~

When it came to close examination and judging of the pieces, there were quite a few I liked extremely well. In fact, it was very hard to think of who my two winners were going to be. But alas, tough decisions had to be made.

With that in mind, though, I would love to give an enormous thank you to each and every one of you that entered. It truly meant a lot to me...truth be told, I really didn't think anyone would enter this silly little contest of mine. I know I'm not exactly the most well-known, hell, even the most-talented of artists. But it means a lot that you all entered and the like. So for that, I give you all big thanks. ;w;

But yeah, enough dragging on here. Let's do this.

The winners of the contest are...

:icontkckrys: and :iconjcdr:!!!

Demon Queen Kit- Gent Contest by tkckrys

When it came to tkckrys's piece, I was really captivated by it. Not only do I really like its coloring and shading, but the design is quite something to behold! Especially when it comes to something so vague. I know that with demon girls the general idea can be to "give them a tail and horns; call it a day", which is fine -- those tend to be super adorable and the like. However, this contestant decided to take that idea and run with her own design. For that, I have to say that it really is unique to look at and in general it looks good, so to not reward that would be a travesty. As such, she is one of my winners.

A teatastical experience by Jcdr
Jcdr came up with a lovely comic for his contest entry. Not only is it a sequential piece (with the transformation/change occurring throughout), but it also hosts some lovely and adorable expressions. Going back to the changing aspect, I really did enjoy the subtle differences from other pieces where Reve (an OC with a plant theme) gains features of a demon girl that are still related to her original attributes -- like, for example, her demon tail is like a plant as are her chest markings. While I also like looking at more complex works, such as the previous winner, I am an individual who can also enjoy the simpler things as well. As such, Jcdr is my other winner here.

Final note:

Phew, that was quite a battle to the finish there. A lot of strong contenders, not doubt. For those of you who did enter, I would like to give you all a big round of applause for your incredible contributions. I'll tell you what, it really is awesome to see what you all did with your characters. I could have just simply went in the beginning "okay guys, the contest is draw my characters and blahblah" and stuffs. But honestly, I have to say that this was far more interesting to see what people were willing to do with their OCs. I'm a man that holds a mighty interest in seeing the limits of what people like to do, and so on. And seeing these entries here really did bring smiles to my face.

As for the two winners, as per the prize, you both have won a fully-colored/shaded picture from me. Whenever you're ready to give me your ideas and the like, feel free to contact me whenever you'd like to. (:

Thank you all for participating, and I hope to see your work continue farther into the future!

Absilio Mundus

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