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July 15, 2013
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The Nurse of Solace by TheEnglishGent The Nurse of Solace by TheEnglishGent
The lone soldier limped throughout the desolate field. He was weary and battered – obvious signs that he had been through intense action. As he limped throughout the battlefield, his eyes darted across to see various sights of carnage. There were pieces of armor scattered along the ground with multiple, broken weapons and discharged ammunition. Fire, too, was blazing in numerous locations on the field.

The loner soldier traveled onward as he focused his attention down the middle of the field. He chose neither to go left nor right, for he knew that both sides offered him no solace from this madness. All he wanted now…was peace.

The lone soldier kept walking in a single direction until he soon exited the scarred field and began to enter a new territory. A territory, that he could tell, was not involved in the conflict at all. The ground was intact, the trees were full of life, and the skies were pure and clean. The lone soldier journeyed on throughout the territory. The soldier, though his body battered and bruised, had a rather pleasant feeling about this location. He admitted to himself, however, that he was afraid of possible trackers coming to find him. The soldier spared no time in pulling his body across the landscape. While he kept a normal pace at first (at least as best as his body could in its current state), he eventually had to force himself to go faster – an unwise decision given the current strains his body was facing. His was soon to slow down as he soon saw a building in the distance.

A medical center.

The lone soldier gazed at the structure. He approached the building with caution as he didn’t know whose building it was. Unfortunately, though, the strain on his body caught up to him as the lone soldier collapsed onto the ground with incredible force. The soldier was to succumb to his battle injuries as he passed out right in front of the facility.

“I was…so close…”

The lone soldier slowly awakened. His eyes drooped down to see himself lying in a bed of adequate comfort. His suit has been removed and he found himself in his normal attire. He soon witness, due to feeling a stinging sensation, the bandages that were wrapped around his abdomen by slightly pulling his shirt up. As he finished checking himself, he began to look around his surroundings. He concluded that, based on his observation, he was inside the medical facility. The soldier saw various object scattered throughout his location. Objects such as test tubes, beakers, papers, pens, medical tools and more were prominent in this medical lab. The soldier wanted to get a better glimpse of what else was in the lab. As he slowly began to rise from his bed, he was soon halted by a distant voice.

“You need to stay put there!”

He soon looked to the side to see the presence of another person –a nurse. She possessed long black hair, glasses and a concerned face. That face soon possessed mild frustration as she marched over towards the bed where the soldier was lying. “You need to stay put in bed! You’re in no shape to be moving up and about,” the nurse explained as she proceeded to fluff his pillow up. After doing so, the nurse leaned over the soldier and looked down at him. “Now stay here and heal. I’m going to fetch some food for you. You need to eat so that you’ll be able to heal faster. I’ll be right back!” The nurse was soon to take a leave from the room as the soldier soon pondered on what to do.

After pondering for a quick bit, the soldier rose from the bed in order to gain a glimpse of what was around the lab. He saw the things he noted before – the beakers, the tubes, desks, papers, books, and the like – but he soon came across two objects that looked extremely odd to him. Both were devices with quite interesting appearances: one was a black triangular pyramid with blue lines and the other was a cylinder with a green cross on it. The soldier soon began to closely examine these objects as he fiddled with them.

“What are you doing with those? You should be in bed!” a voice rang from behind the soldier. Before he could react, he accidentally had done the unthinkable – he had activated the two devices. As the nurse soon noticed, she immediately rushed to the soldier to grab the two objects from him. “H-hang on, I just need to deactivate these. No need to panic!” the nurse exclaimed. The soldier tried to approach the nurse in an effort to assist, but was met with intense resistance as the two devices began to glow extremely bright until the entire room was floored with light. The soldier covered his good eye in order to block the blinding light. The blinding nature of the light lasted for numerous seconds before the soldier could properly lower his hands from his face to see again. As he proceeded to do so, he noted several – and obvious – changes.

The biggest one being that the nurse that was giving care to him was slowly becoming extremely massive. Glowing with a bright blue light, the nurse started to gain inches upon inches. This soon, however, became feet upon feet. The nurse was slowly amassing size in various places. Height was prominent as she slowly inched her way toward the ceiling, but she also gained mass in various regions as well – her chest and her lower half. With each passing second, the nurse was becoming taller and wider. The soldier, in reaction to this, began to back away with extreme caution. The nurse’s legs lengthened out to a point where she needed to kneel down onto her knees. While adjusting herself, she powerfully knocked into the bed and broke one of its legs. As she kept ascending, she looked down to give the soldier a miffed look. The soldier backed up, nervous, only to trip over himself and fall backwards onto his back. A painful sensation took over as the young soldier yelped. Before the soldier could properly react, the nurse had reached her maximum size. She blinked, examining her newly-acquired stature, and proceeded to look down at the soldier before picking him up. The soldier, expecting the worst, closed his eyes to prepare for whatever lied ahead.

“I told you not to get out of bed now, little boy. Now the bed is practically wrecked. You’re going to need a new, comfy spot to rest in,” the nurse softly told the boy. As she did, she proceeded to gently set him right into her chest. The boy, confused, thought about how to react until another feeling overcame him. The boy started to feel extremely warm and soothed. This soothing feeling was nullifying the painful sensations that plagued that boy ever since he fled the battlefield. The boy noted that, as this soothing feeling occurred, the nurse had an extremely soft, gentle green glow to her character. The boy, not being in a position to bargain and feeling the greatest of comfort, soon began to relax as he rested within the nurse’s immaculate cleavage. The nurse, pleased at this outcome, gave off a brightened smile.

“You may a soldier, but you’re also just a little boy. I can see it in your eye – you’re innocent. From how you traveled far from your previous location, you’ve been trying to get away from so much…you’ve been trying to find peace. Well, you needn’t worry now. You have found peace now. If you want, you can keep that peace, too. You don’t have to go back to such needless destruction. You’re much too good for that. I’d like to extend the offer for you stay here. Because everyone deserves to find their own form of peace,” the nurse thought she soon noticed the boy was soon fast asleep, resting snuggly against her breasts.

“But of course, I’ll ask you once you have properly healed. For now, you should rest. I want to rest as long as you need to…”

Hope you all didn't mind the random story I wrote to go along with this. : P
But let's see, where to begin...

A while back, I had a certain dream involving two characters - CG from me, and Professor Robin from :iconkenj:. Because, strange enough as it sounds, my dreams tend to contain characters from my friends.

Any who, in the dream I had, CG starred as a science soldier (though not by choice) that fled the field of battle in an effort to get out of a war. Battle weary and worn out,CG eventually made it to neutral territory and was found by Professor/Nurse Robin. She tried to nurse him back to health, but some shenanigans occurred with two objects. These objects not only made Robin hyooge, but also gave her a "healing touch" to her skin. Thus, when Robin broke the bed during"growth spurt", she offered an extremely nice spot for CG to relax and rest in~ C:

And then Kenju drew it as a commission. :B And here it is -- uploaded with permission, of course! 
Thanks again, bro! I loved it when you first gave it to me a while back, and I still love it right here. ;w;

Art © *Kenj
Professor Robin © *Kenj
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